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  Water Availability / Fire Flow Letters

Water Availability / Fire Flow letters for development, remodel, new construction or simple land division may be issued only to owners of existing parcels within the Summit Water & Supply service area boundary.

  Water Availability Fire Flow Letters may only be issued to members of Summit Water.
If your parcel is within Summit Water's service area and is currently on a well and you are required to just have the Fire Flow Letter, then you must purchase a membership and the Fire Flow component of the system development charge, to receive this letter.
If your parcel is within Summit Water's service area and is currently on a well and you are joining Summit Water for full water service, then the full membership and fees must be paid as well as a 3' (three foot) separation between the existing well pipe to the home must be cut in. This separation is required to prevent potential contamination to Summit Water's infrastructure from outside sources. This separation must be inspected by Summit Water Staff, and remain separated throughout the duration of service with Summit Water. The existing well may be used for other things such as irrigation. It is the responsibility of the owner to contact Pierce County Public Works / Health Department of this use or termination of the existing well.
Existing residential service being used for commercial will require an upgrade of the System Development Charge and Meter Install Charge (if meter connection size is increased). Backflow Prevention must be installed at a minimum of RPBA, (reduced pressure backflow assembly). This assembly must be a Washington State Approved Device.
Water Availability / Fire Flow Letters take up to 14 days in cases to complete. This is due to staff availability to process the letter. Some instances records have to be researched to prove an existing lot may have a previous paid membership or even previous paid fees. This research can take time looking through old membership books and other records. Short Plats, Subdivisions, major developments, apartments / condominiums and commercial installations must provide a minimum of a preliminary site plan and permit ample time for review and comments. These projects must also provide a proposal of the number and size of meter connections, number of proposed users on each connection (apartment / condominium).
Applications may be filled out either in person at the Summit Water office, fax (253-536-1759) or email (dtroupe@summitwater.org). Email for single residence applications may be Adobe PDF file or AutoCAD 2000 - 2008 version. Larger projects must submit AutoCAD 2000-2008 version, for insertion into Summit Water Base Map for design and connectivity to the infrastructure. Hydraulic analysis is used to test infrastructure for load and circulation when connected to the infrastructure.
  Following table is for application pricing only.
New Residential $50.00
Existing Residential building outbuilding, (garage, shed or other non-commercial structure, standard additions, or ADU (additional living unit)
Residential Short Plat, Long Plat, Subdivision $100.00
Existing Residential Upgrade to Multi-Family (duplex and above) on the same single lot. $50.00
Multi-Family (no prior membership-vacant lot) $75.00
Existing Residential upgrade to Commercial $35.00
Existing Commercial remodel $35.00
Non-Residential Irrigation (landscaping irrigation plan required) $50.00
Commercial Irrigation (landscaping irrigation plan required) $75.00
  In order for anyone other than the registered owner of a parcel, be permitted to pick up the Water Availability Letter after processing, the owner / applicant must have submitted a signed document to Summit Water, stating their authorized representative permission to act on their behalf for this project.
  A parcel which has just been purchased but has not been fully processed through Pierce County, may provide a sale contract or equivalent document with their name shown. A copy of this document will be placed in the file.
  An existing Water Availability of less than 3 years old from its issuance date, may be transferred to the new owner. It is the responsibility of the existing owner to notify and forward this information to the new owner. The project which applied for must also be the same. For example, an existing owner may apply for Water Availability for a new single residence on an existing lot of record and in less than 3 years, sell this lot without building.

If the new owner still intends to build a single residence as originally applied for, then a copy of the sales agreement or equivalent document may be placed in the file and the name changed on the Water Availability with re-printing the necessary documents for Pierce County. Updated prices for membership and fees will also be issued at that time.
Fees will not be reimbursed unless cancellation is prior to processing the Water Availability Letter. These fees are for Summit Water's staff time and materials in processing the letter.
  All Water Availability Letters will expire 3 years from issuance unless the owner is in communication with Summit Water about the progress and status of the project. The date of this communication is recorded in the file and change the expiration date to be 3 years from the last contact. An existing Water Availability which has expired may be reopened and updated for the same project. Additional cost may be added for updating the file? This cost if any will be determined by Summit Water's Manager or Board of Directors.
  All projects are subject to review of Summit Water's Board of Directors. All Water Availability Letters will be signed by Summit Water's Manager, Board Member or designated representative. Office staff are not authorized to sign these documents.
  All Water Availability Letters will be processed as Preliminary if any infrastructure, system or service upgrades are required or unpaid fees are owed.


Webmaster: dscott@summitwater.org

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