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The dials in white are the only dials that are read and used in the billing system. The rightmost white dial stands for 1 unit. (1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons) See doing business to see the per unit charges.



This is a typical service installation with the backflow device shown:

(Picture coming soon)



2" Meter Setter / Re-setter 

Profile Side View     Profile Front View     

Plan View Top


Commercial Meter & Backflow Prevention

     Potable Meter w/ RPBA (left) & Fire w/ RPDA (right) 


     Potable Meter w/ RPBA Backflow device



     Fire Sprinkler RPDA (Reduced Pressure Detector Check)

     & PIV  (Post Indicator Valve)






Summit Water Requires an isolation valve located on the water main which feeds the fire protection
assembly. This gate valve is for Summit Water's use only. Any other required valves for the fire appurtenance
is to be downstream of this valve. This valve is NOT the post indicator valve. See construction details.




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