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Construction Documents PDF Format

The following documents are the property of Summit Water & Supply Co.

These are a guide for project engineers to use in producing drawings for their proposed construction.

Summit Water must approve any and all drawings that are to be submitted to Pierce County for permitting
and construction.

These drawings may be superseded therefore it is the responsibility of the contractor / engineer to contact
Summit Water for latest information.

The last page of the Construction Specifications is a "Bill of Sale". This document must be filled out, notarized
and turned into Summit Water for turning over installed infrastructure to Summit Water. 

The warranty of installed infrastructure will start upon receipt of this document and approval of a 
completed / passed purity and pressure test.

Files below are available in AutoCAD drawing format for engineers of projects. Contact mailto:dtroupe@summitwater.org

Engineers must supply an AutoCAD 2008 or older file of the project site with all other utility layers included,
for evaluation and markup. Engineer may also submit a hard copy for mark as well. Engineers may draw preliminary
water main & hydrant locations on the drawing for Summit Water to mark up. Summit Water will design valves
and fittings to be used.

Once the project has been marked up with changes, Engineer will make the necessary changes and submit
hard copies for signing to Summit Water's Manager. A signed copy will remain with Summit Water to use for
inspections during installation.

For projects where infrastructure was installed connecting to Summit Water infrastructure, project engineer
will be responsible for providing Summit Water with at least 1 hard copy plans with contractor notes for
water installation and AutoCAD 2008 or older electronic file with other utilities layers included.

This file must be importable for Summit Water to import into its Base Map. 

Also a hard copy of the landscaping plan is required since billing for irrigation is based on square 
footage of areas to be irrigated.



Summit Water Construction Specifications This document is for proposed construction. It contains information about materials, detail sheets and requirements contractors are to follow. 


Typical Air Release Used on water main installation where air may get trapped inside.
Typical Blocking Concrete blocking for fittings and deflection of water main.
Typical Blow Off Dead ends of water mains (temporary or permanent)
Typical Fire Hydrant (standard install)
Typical Fire Hydrant (sidewalk install)
Typical Sample Site Attached to fire hydrant.
Typical Tee
Typical Trench Profile view of typical trench detail.
Typical Water Service 5/8" x 3/4" and 1" meter style.
Typical Water Service 2" 2" meter (larger meter similar)
Full Sheet Typical Details "D" size sheet with combined details.
Typical Residential Fire Meter Typical Residential Fire Service w/ Water Meter Setup
Commercial installation of an RPBA in a "hotbox", with guard posts. Residential Double Check Valve assembly installed in protective box. Required on all new residential installations. Also required when any change of use of the water, such as irrigation systems, hot tub or pool installations, etc. Backflow protection is required by the State of Washington Department of Health. Device to be installed by Summit Water Contractor but will be the owner's responsibility to have tested annually by Washington State certified inspector and provide this office with a copy of the report.


Webmaster: dscott@summitwater.org

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